With many types of floor coverings available it will be appreciated that selection can be made where a number of them will be suitable and others may appear to suit the same conditions.
Aside from the question of cost and personal preference in colour and appearance, it is important to consider the properties and performance of the products against the primary environmental considerations to ensure that any selection is compatible with these and will remain so.

ProductsA broad view of considerations may be suggested from the following headings which may, of course, need to be applied in combination.

  • Sub floor type and suitability to receive floorings.
  • Resistance to wear depending on incidence of traffic.
  • Resistance to point loads, dynamic loading and recovery from indentation.
  • Chemical resistance.
  • Maintenance: ability to stay clean in relation to the environment.
  • Impervious surface finish: Hospitals and laboratories.
  • Use of sheet vinyl, rubber or linoleum with welded seams.
  • resistance to surface applied water.
  • Use of abundant and constant water maintenance.
  • Use of sheet vinyl with welded seams including integral skirting.
  • Grease and oil resistance.
  • Resistance to the transition of impact sound.