Wet Room Flooring

Wet Rooms are shower rooms that allow the user to walk in or enter with the use of mobility aids. These rooms are sometimes referred to as walk in showers or level access shower/bathrooms. The rooms generally have sub-floors created with gradual falls towards a shower drain/outlet or incorporate a shower tray with its own falls. Sheet vinyl is installed in a method that “Tanks” the room, forming a waterproof barrier, waste water is naturally channelled towards the outlet which will have a clamping ring to contain the vinyl and form a water tight seal around it.
There are several vinyl safety floor products designed specifically for these areas. Safety flooring with small raised studs provides adequate slip resistance for barefoot users and those wearing soft soled shoes. Consideration should always be given to the actual users of potentially wet areas, for example assisted bathrooms, shower and changing rooms, where wet and barefoot users may share the areas with people who are dry and wearing everyday footwear. In the past this has proven to be problematic when it comes to specifying. Manufacturers have addressed this issue and there are now products available that cater for the requirements and cover the health and safety risk to those in shoes or barefoot in continually wet areas.
There are transition trims specifically designed to co-ordinate sheet vinyl flooring with ceramic wall tiles, alternatively there are also compatible vinyl and rigid PVC wall cladding products that can be combined with sheet vinyl safety flooring in these areas.

Areas of Use

  • Wet Room FlooringBathroom / wet room adaptations for the disabled.
  • Assisted bathrooms in care homes.
  • Private Hospital Suites, in en-suite bathrooms.
  • Hospital bathrooms.
  • Social housing bathrooms.
  • Leisure environments - hotel bathrooms, changing rooms, showers, spa baths, saunas, hydrotherapy rooms.
  • Education/student accommodation - changing areas, showers and bathrooms.